Is a Cyber Security Assessment Needed for Your Business to Ensure Computer Security?

Yes, your business needs a cyber security assessment. With cyber-crime on the rise and hackers always looking for new ways to gain access to sensitive data, it’s important that businesses understand the risks associated with operating online. A cyber security assessment evaluates a company’s digital presence to identify areas of vulnerability and offer recommended action plans to protect business assets.

These are some tips for safer computing to consider when assessing your cyber security:

1. Install and maintain up-to-date antivirus and malware protection software.

2. Educate employees and management about cybercrime, data protection, and breach prevention best practices.

3. Implement multi-factor authentication for all users.

4. Monitor network traffic, access points, and corporate accounts for malicious attacks.

5. Create and enforce password policies.

6. Deploy firewalls and regular patching protocols.

7. Perform regular security scans of company networks, websites, and connected devices.

8. Ensure all devices, websites, and applications are securely configured.

9. Segment access to sensitive information and be strict when it comes to granting permission to access certain features.

10. Utilize encryption protocols and security protocols on data at rest and in transmission.

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