New Malware Found Hiding in Image Files

A new type of malware has recently been discovered that is capable of hiding in image files. The malware, known as “steganography malware,” is designed to covertly download malicious code from a malicious server without being detected.

The malware uses steganography, a technique for hiding data within other data, to conceal its malicious code inside an image file. When the image is opened, the malicious code is then executed, allowing the malware to download malicious payloads from the malicious server.

The malware has been discovered by security researchers at Trend Micro and is believed to be used by threat actors to target corporate networks. It is believed that the malware is used to launch advanced persistent threats (APTs) such as ransomware and data exfiltration attacks.

The researchers have noted that the malware is highly evasive and difficult to detect. It is capable of bypassing most endpoint security solutions, making it a serious threat to businesses. The researchers recommend that organizations be vigilant and use a combination of security solutions to protect against this type of attack.

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